Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy

Postby Admin on Wed May 20, 2009 2:37 pm

A general term for a group of permanent brain injuries that affect an infant in the womb, during birth, or in the months following birth. People with cerebral palsy may have limited motor skills, speech difficulties, learning disabilities, or other related conditions.

Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a general term used by doctors to refer to a set of neurological conditions (conditions that affect the brain and nervous system) that affect a child's movement and coordination. The main types of cerebral palsy are:

* Spastic cerebral palsy - some of the muscles in the body are tight, stiff and weak, making control of movement difficult
* Athetoid (dyskinetic) cerebral palsy - control of muscles is disrupted by spontaneous and unwanted movements. Control of posture is also disrupted
* Ataxic cerebral palsy - problems include difficulty with balance, shaky movements of hands or feet, and difficulty with speech
* Mixed cerebral palsy - a combination of two or more of the above

What are the symptoms?

There may be abnormal tone (stiffness or floppiness) of the limbs and odd postures.

In spastic cerebral palsy (70 per cent of cases), the limbs become stiff and may be drawn in. In athetoid cerebral palsy (10 per cent of cases), the child develops involuntary irregular writhing movements.

There may be incoordination of the muscles of the mouth, causing feeding problems such as slow feeding, gagging and vomiting, delayed motor milestones, such as crawling and walking, weakness or paralysis of the limbs, an abnormal gait and slowness in developing speech and social skills.

As many as one in three children and adolescents with cerebral palsy also has epilepsy.

Other common problems include:

* Difficulty with walking, writing, eating, talking, dressing
* Problems with balance and coordination
* Difficulty controlling and maintaining posture (they may need help to sit upright)
* Visual difficulties
* Hearing problems

What causes it?

The most common cause of cerebral palsy is something that damages the brain while the baby is growing in the womb. These antenatal factors can be found in 80 per cent of those affected and include genetic problems, malformations of the brain and maternal infection (rubella, toxoplasmosis).

Better maternity care has meant fewer babies are born with cerebral palsy due to birth trauma, but this has been offset by the improved survival of premature and low birthweight babies, who may be up to 50 times more at risk of cerebral palsy. Infections when a baby is young (especially encephalitis or meningitis) can also lead to cerebral palsy.

What's the treatment?

There's no cure for cerebral palsy. However, there are plenty of treatments and therapies that can reduce the impact of the condition by easing symptoms such as spasticity, improving communication skills and finding other ways to do things. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can all play an important part.

Children with cerebral palsy do best when they get special help from an early age. Because the brain changes a lot during the first few years of life, it can be difficult to assess the extent of cerebral palsy at first, but most experts suggest babies should be first assessed at about nine to 12 months.

Many children with cerebral palsy benefit from an approach known as conductive education, which helps them to overcome movement problems and gain some control through special education and rehabilitation. Adults can get a lot from it, too.

Speech and language therapy helps with speech development and also with eating, drinking, and swallowing. Surgery is sometimes needed to correct any deformities that develop as a result of abnormal muscle development or function.

Medication can reduce muscle hyperactivity and spasticity, but physiotherapy is the bedrock of cerebral palsy management and can helps with posture and movement. It also tries to prevent progression of disability.



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Re: Cerebral palsy Help and Information

Postby BusyGirl on Wed May 20, 2009 2:38 pm

Thanks for the information, I have found this very usefull and its very informative, thanks for the website links.

I'd just like to add some info to this:


If your child's muscles are particularly stiff and overactive it can cause them frustration and pain. If your child is experiencing these problems, they may require medication to help them relax their muscles.

The first type of medication your child may be prescribed is a muscle relaxant such as diazepam, which is usually taken in tablet form.

Side effects of diazepam include:

* drowsiness,
* slurred speech,
* constipation,
* nausea, and
* incontinence.

If muscle relaxants are not effective, an injection of botulinum toxin (BTA) may be given. BTA works by blocking the signals from the brain to the affected muscles. The effects of the injection normally last for up to three months. The treatment is most effective when a programme of stretching and physical therapy follows the injections.

Another possible treatment option is known as intrathecal baclofen therapy. This involves surgically implanting a small pump on the outside of the body which is connected to the spinal cord. The pump then delivers regular doses of a medicine known as baclofen directly into the nervous system. Baclofen works by blocking some of the nerve signals that cause muscle stiffness.


Thanks! :D
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Coatings and Time Release
Many of us take medications or vitamin supplements in pill form without ever considering just how they are made. Manufacturing tablets is a complicated process that has been fairly streamlined into a mechanical assembly line procedure that is efficient and consistent. The biggest human factor by far is in research and development,[url=http://www.hollisterfrancecs.com]hollister[/url]. Once a particular formula is established and capsule development wrapped up,[url=http://www.hollisteruknoutlet.co.uk]hollister[/url], the rest is fairly standardized,[url=http://www.hollistercomagasin6s.com]hollister[/url].
In addition to the active ingredients, fillers, binders,[url=http://www.hollisterfrancecs.com]hollister france[/url], and disintegration aids might be added. Many vitamins and most medications are far bigger than what the active ingredients would be by themselves. Fillers are used to make them large enough to easily handle and consume,[url=http://www.hollisterukcoutlet.co.uk]hollister[/url]. They are usually things like corn starch, sugars,[url=http://www.hollisteronlineshopdu.com]hollister[/url], lactose, or wheat products,[url=http://www.franklinandmarshall6fr.com]franklin marshall[/url]. Colorants,[url=http://www.hollisterukoutlet5s.com]hollister[/url], lubricants and flavorings might be added as well.
Typically, pills aren't touched by humans after the ingredients are dumped into encapsulating or tablet machines. From there, they are generally carried on conveyer belts to packaging. The finished product is funneled into pill bottles, which are then stacked for shipping,[url=http://www.hollisteradeutschlands.com]hollister[/url].
Making vitamins begins in the lab, with researchers trying to find the best and most cost-efficient recipe for the supplement they wish to sell,[url=http://www.hollisteruknoutlet.co.uk]hollister uk[/url]. Before manufacturing tablets, every ingredient is determined and sourced. Truly natural vitamins come from food sources; although, vitamins made synthetically also lay claim to the term “natural.”
Putting it Together
Finding the Formula
Tablets and pills are formed in mold dies. The filled dies move into a punch press, where tons of pressure compress the ingredients together. They are usually sprayed with a releasing agent similar to a non-stick cooking spray that aids in removal of the finished pill.
Some coatings help control the time it takes for the tablet to dissolve in the stomach. In addition, time-release capsules are made with what in essence is a variety of micro-pills with slightly differing formulas which allow for differing dissolve times,[url=http://www.hollisterpascher3s.com]hollister[/url].
Of course, a nearly fully automated manufacturing process needs sufficient quality control to ensure the potency of the active ingredients is exactly what is being claimed by the manufacturer. Almost all countries have some level of regulatory role in the making of vitamins and pills. Consumers should acquaint themselves with the sourcing of their vitamins to verify its regulatory compliance.
Packaging and Quality Control
Pill and capsule development also includes finding the right coatings. The particular coatings used depend on the desired result. Sometimes, pill ingredients are so bad tasting that a flavored coating is called for. Or, it may be meant to make the pill easier to swallow,[url=http://www.hollistercomagasin6s.com]hollister france[/url].
Vitamins aren't regulated nearly as stringently as medications, but most of them have been tested over the years and deemed safe in recommended doses. With capsule development over, it's time to start manufacturing tablets.
For capsules, ingredients are mixed according to the formula and then fed into an encapsulating machine. Precise amounts of the mixture flow into the bottom portion of a capsule on a rotating dish, then the top part is pressed on.
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