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AbleSea: Forum Rules & Guidelines

Postby Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:25 pm

Firstly, we wish you a warm welcome to AbleSea and hope you enjoy your stay with us at this wonderful forum. By registering and posting on AbleSea, you agree to the following rules:


• No rude, insulting or inflammatory posts.
• Be polite! Even if you disagree with the other member, be polite (or at least civil) while discussing why you disagree. Personal attacks, name calling or insults won't be tolerated.
• No advertising, offers or self promotion is allowed.
• No advertising is allowed through the username and avatar, this incudes username as and your avatar having the company name on it.
• No soliciting or self promotion is allowed via the private message (PM) system.
• Any posts that contain illegal content or are designed with illegal intent will be removed immediately


Although AbleSea don’t intend to censor messages based on the expressions of the user, we reserve the right to delete, move, modify threads/posts and will enforce this right if the post contains inappropriate content, such as:

• Racism
• Obscene (includes Racism)
• Vulgar
• Sexually-oriented
• Hateful
• Threatening (to anyone)


You may have a maximum of one (1) user account, regardless of how many companies you represent. If you require a username change, please contact an Administrator.

If you forget you account login details, please do not re-register, instead use the system in place. If still you cannot gather your details, for whatever reason, then contact an Administrator.

When signing up you take a username, this username should be used by you and you only. Under no circumstances should you give your username/password out to anyone.

FINAL RULE: Have fun and enjoy yourself. :D

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Re: AbleSea: Forum Rules & Guidelines

Postby Lisa on Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:58 pm

Thanks for the rules and guidelines update, will certainly stick to the rules and to the guidelines to the best i can!
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Re: AbleSea: Forum Rules & Guidelines

Postby RehaDesign on Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:13 pm

Why is the URL code off? Are you having a problem with Spam?
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Re: AbleSea: Forum Rules & Guidelines

Postby Admin on Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:34 pm

Thanks for the question RehaDesign, the URL code is indeed disabled to help prevent spam from this forum. As we want to keep this community spam free and increase the quality of the help and advice offered here.

If you do have a disability based website, then you can share it with us here:
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for the owner

Postby fghk9gfty on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:12 pm

Most dog owners can attest to the frustration,[url=]louboutin pas cher[/url], embarrassment and even danger when their dog decides to activate its selective hearing practices and ignores your command to 'come'. Here are some tips to teach your dog the rules.

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Postby juioedses on Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:44 pm

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WASHINGTON -- Outspoken U.S. Senator John McCain said Thursday the message of a draft bill to promote "global democracy" would reach even North Korea.
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perdre du poids

Postby 42069540 on Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:51 am

Victoria Beckham et Rachel Zoe, meneuses de la Mommyrexie aux États Unis ,[url=]Hoodies Abercrombie femme[/url]? Elles ne sont pas les seules. Miranda Kerr, le mannequin australien en couple avec l'acteur Orlando Bloom,[url=]A&F Couples Pantalon Sportif[/url], n'échappe pas à la "tendance". L'égérie de la marque de lingerie Victoria's Secret et mère du petit Flynn depuis le 6 janvier 2011 ne prend pas de congé maternité, et ne s'accorde que trop rarement de repos. Alors enceinte de plusieurs mois, elle a défilé chez Balenciaga, et à part son ventre rond, rien ne ressemblait à une silhouette de future maman. Idem pour le top brésilien Gisele Bündchen. L'épouse du quaterback Tom Brady, qui a donné naissance au petit Benjamin en décembre 2009, enchaînait les podiums et les voyages,[url=é-c-19_33.html]Veste Fourré Abercrombie femme[/url]. Et s'est dépensée à la salle de sports jusqu'à deux semaines de son terme de grossesse. Sont-elles prêtes à tout pour conserver leur ligne ? On dirait bien.
Rachel Zoe, la styliste des célébrités, présente également les symptômes de la Mommyrexie. Mère du petit Skyler Morrison depuis le 23 Mars, la femme de Rodger Berman qui a co-écrit le best-seller Style A to Zoe : The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour ne laisse aucunement supposer une quelconque grossesse ni même la moindre petite prise de poids. Rachel Zoe, qui devrait sortir sa propre ligne de vêtements cet automne, aurait d'ailleurs prodigué quelques conseils à Victoria Beckham pour retrouver sa ligne au lendemain de son accouchement...

Elles investiraient à foison dans des programmes établis par leurs coachs sportifs pour éviter à tout prix une prise de poids importante. De très sérieux journaux comme le New York Post ou le Huffington Post traitent le sujet en parlant de la Mommyrexie comme une véritable maladie.
La mauvaise influence des célébrités au service de la Mommyrexia.
Nicole Richie, Alessandra Ambrosio, Claudia Schiffer ou encore Nicole Kidman font également partie du club des "skinny mums", ce qui n'est pas sans inquiéter Isaac Herschkopf, un psychanalyste de Manhattan qui traite les célébrités ayant des troubles de l'alimentation. Il déclare dans une interview au New York Post : "Les femmes pour qui la beauté est primordiale ont plus de chance de tomber dans la Mommyrexie. C'est un cercle vicieux."
Rosie Pope, la créatrice de la ligne de vêtements éponyme pour femmes enceintes et star du show télévisé Pregnant with Heels (comprenez Enceinte et en talons) a déclaré lors d'une interview que la demande de ses clientes l'a poussée à ajouter une taille XS à sa collection...
Car un nouveau phénomène a fait son apparition : La "mommyrexie", un nouveau terme pour qualifier ces femmes enceintes qui souhaitent garder la ligne, voire, perdre du poids,[url=]Pantalons Abercrombie femme[/url], quitte à mettre la santé de leurs bébés en péril.
Cette tendance inquiète fortement les experts sanitaires et les diététiciennes, qui accusent les célébrités de promouvoir ce fléau. Et leur principale cible n'est autre que Victoria Beckham et ses copines, qui ne jurent que par le XXS, même à sept mois de grossesse.
Qu'est ce qu'une mommyrexic ?
L'épouse de David Beckham et mère de quatre enfants (Brooklyn 12 ans, Roméo 9 ans à la rentrée, Cruz 6 ans et Harper Seven, née il y a quelques jours) apparaît toujours plus mince. L'ex-chanteuse du célèbre groupe des années 90 Spice Girls, désormais styliste/créatrice, assure pourtant se nourrir correctement mais son visage creusé, et ses jambes sans cesse plus fines font jaser les médias sur son poids. Même son ventre de femme enceinte était un modèle réduit,[url=]Pull Abercrombie femme[/url].
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In my counseling practice, I often have clients who tend to isolate as a way of protecting against their fears - especially their fears of rejection and engulfment. They are so afraid of being disliked, disapproved of, attacked or having demands made on them, that they choose to avoid relationships, rather than learn how to deal with these challenging situations.
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using the large turbine mute design cooling fan

Postby upklurpkd on Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:46 am

&nbsp,[url=]hollister[/url]; Theinquirer bring us Geforce 6800 Ultra clear physical picture,[url=]hollister[/url], see from the photos,[url=]abercrombie[/url], and before we first announced the Geforce 6800 Ultra real photo consistent,[url=]abercrombie paris[/url].Geforce 6800 Ultra integrated dual DVI interface,[url=]hollister[/url], TV output interface,[url=]hollister france[/url], using the large turbine mute design cooling fan,[url=]hollister[/url], but only occupies 1 AGP8X display card slot position,[url=]hollister uk[/url], integrated dual 4Pin power interface,[url=]hollister france[/url].
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China Completes First Space Manned Docking Mission

Postby ueuyfogh on Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:44 am

China is celebrating the safe return of three astronauts, who successfully completed a mission that included the country's first manual docking in space and the first Chinese woman astronaut,[url=]hollister[/url].
Live television images of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft's return were broadcast around China Friday. After re-entering earth's atmosphere, a red and white striped parachute slowed the capsule so that it could safely touch down on its targeted landing site in Inner Mongolia,[url=]michael kors[/url].
The vessel flipped over when it hit the ground,[url=]hollister uk[/url], but the three astronauts aboard were unhurt. They spent more than half an hour re-adjusting to Earth's gravity before emerging,[url=]abercrombie[/url].
Retrieval team members collect a sample from the charred return capsule of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft in a remote area of northern China on June 29,[url=]jordan pas cher[/url], 2012. /AFP
Astronaut Liu Wang said it is really good to once again feel the ground beneath his feet. He added that he is also glad to be home safely,[url=]michael kors outlet[/url].
The Shenzhou-9 docked with the Tiangong-1 laboratory spacecraft, which is orbiting more than 300 kilometers above Earth.
Liu Yang, China's first woman astronaut in space, said she felt at home on Tiangong-1,[url=]hollister online shop[/url], where she and the other two astronauts lived and carried out experiments for nearly two weeks. She says she feels very happy,[url=]air jordan[/url], and is very proud of her country.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and other top Chinese leaders watched the landing from the Beijing command center,[url=]air jordan pas cher[/url]. Afterwards, Wen read out the government's letter of congratulations to the astronauts and to all the people who worked on the mission.
He says the successful manned docking mission of Tiangong-1 and the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft marks a milestone and major breakthrough in China's quest to master space docking technology. He added that it also marks a decisive step forward for China's space strategy and accomplishments on the world stage,[url=]hollister deutschland[/url].
Shenzhou-9 was launched on June 16. The official Xinhua news agency says the successful mission is an important step in China's plans to establish a permanent manned space station around 2020,[url=]hollister[/url].
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However, the violinist was no ordinary street performer. It was Joshua Bell, one of the finest classical musicians in the world, playing some of the most elegant music ever written, on one of the most valuable violins ever created, a $3.5 million Stradivarius made in the 1710s.
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Postby juweihuie on Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:53 pm

According to the Tanzania Zanzibar government confirm 19 days, in 18 of the ferry sank in accidents, killing at least 63 people, including 1 American tourists.At present, looking for the rest of the missing passengers continues,[url=]hollister[/url], but the hope of finding more survivors is very slim.
Zanzibar infrastructure and transportation minister Hamad · Masood · Hamad day in mulberry island state television held a conference that, as of now, the government has confirmed the accident killed 63 people,[url=]hollister[/url], 146 people were rescued, including 15 from the United States,[url=]mulberry bags[/url], Billy,[url=]hollister[/url], Holland and German tourists,[url=]hollister uk[/url].
According to government figures,[url=]holister[/url], the ferry had a crew of 9, including 290 people, so at least there are about 80 people one's whereabouts is a mystery.Tanzania's president Kikwete and his wife 19 days late to [url=]mulberry[/url] Island, located in the capital of inspected near Stone City for temporary storage of the remains of victims of the piazza, before leaving, Kikwete made a short speech on the media said,[url=]michael kors outlet[/url], hope people peace with ” &ldquo,[url=]hollister[/url]; this accident, government departments have tried their best to rescue and recovery work.
At present, the bodies of most of the victims have been relatives to claim, only a few bodies still wrapped in white cloth,[url=]hollister france[/url], showing only for face,[url=]abercrombie[/url], anxious relatives to judge.Because there are still many missing passengers,[url=][/url], with thousands of people gathering on the square,[url=]doudoune moncler pas cher[/url], in order to line up, followed by the park remains inside the tent to recognize his own relatives and friends.
At the ferry terminal,[url=]hollister kids[/url], from 18 onwards the temporary suspension of passenger and freight transport gradually began to recover,[url=]hollister deutschland[/url], stranded in the dock of the large number of foreign tourists began partial return to Dar Es Salaam aboard the ferry, search and rescue vessels plying the waters continuously between the quay and, occasionally,[url=]michael kors[/url], was salvaged in difficult remains arrived at the shore, immediately to the Plaza for kin recognition,[url=]hollister france[/url].
According to the wharf searchers said, because of the victims have been soaked in water for over 24 hours, the remains of the salvage,[url=]hollister online shop[/url], preservation and transportation has become very difficult, the salvage operation is expected to end soon.
In addition, because of the ocean currents, some remains of the victims may have drifted far,[url=]mulberry[/url], even in neighbouring Kenya or Mozambique.The accident was the Zanzibar Strait past occurred within 12 months in second cases of severe shipwreck,[url=]hollister[/url].
Last late on September 10th, a ship set sail from Dar Es Salaam via Zanzibar main island to Pemba Island ferry,[url=]hollister[/url], due to severe overloading and sank, causing the ship more than 200 passengers were killed.
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We believe that China and the United States, it is necessary to establish international regulatory cooperation FDA, not only conducive to the promotion of China's food and drug exports to the United States, and the external pressure also help China enhance food safety change.
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