Roy Twogood's Life Story

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Roy Twogood's Life Story

Postby OLINeBooks on Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:03 pm

Hello all! I wanted to stop by today and to tell you a brief story about myself in hopes that it will help another in any small way.

My name is Roy Twogood and I am the Managing Director of OLIN e-Publishing & OLINeBooks. I won't ask but I hope you have heard of us before. OLIN is a Christian company, run by practising Christians, assisting Christians with their information needs. We have e-books on a myriad of family friendly and homeschool appropriate of topics. We develop new products by first asking what need could be filled, and how best to do it. Enough about the company, this isn't meant to be a sales pitch, just background information.

I come from a family of four boys and we grew up just like every other mid-western kid in the sixties and seventies. We were healthy active boys always doing something physical and never complaining about what we couldn't do! We could and we did pretty much everything we wanted. So okay now jump ahead a bit to spare you all the boring details. In the late eighties after my brother was having very unusual sicknesses, he and then I later were tested and diagnosed with an unknown inherited neuromuscular disease very similar to MS called Adrenomyeloneuropathy with Addison's disease. In the beginning I didn't notice much difference but shorty after my daughter was born, I began the downward spiral until where I am today.

Yes it has been difficult and I now am in a wheelchair and take an entire 'pharmacy' of medicines four to five times each and every day. To you who are also disabled, you know what I mean. There is a pill for everything! A week ago my younger brother with the same condition lost his fight and died. As Christians we know it was merciful and we are glad for him that he got his ticket out of this 'valley of tears' and is now in paradise with Jesus his Saviour. His death however, did cause me to think about my health condition and my business and it gave me this idea that I am writing to you about.

I have experienced a variety of personal and health failures during my struggle however, I have learned that while everyone else is telling you (for your own good they say) that you now can't do this and that, you smile and say okay I understand. Then when they aren't looking you tell yourself, yes I can, just give me a try! Well I am sure you don't need me telling you anymore of the obvious, however, I just wanted to give you a quick run down of my story in hope that it will make someone think and then feel good enough to try again just one more time.

I have had to learn everything about the computer, webpages, publishing, e-books and putting it all together with Paypal.Com literally three times! Whenever I would have an 'incident', Addisons crises, severe depression and anxiety, obstructed bowel, Sepsis and a whole host of other boring but severe conditions; I would come out of the hospital unknowning and forgetful. I would begin to work through forgetfulness of my business and slowly over time it would come back to me. By the second time this happened to me I learned to write down notes and explanations to myself for the next time!

Now I have not told you this for any sympathy or anything like that. I just have noticed that most of the 'examples' of disabled people that others hold up to us to inspire us, are usually died and almost forgotten! Now I am surely no poster boy of the right Christian way to live (however I do try and try and try) nor a good example of a disabled person who is never nasty or complaining either. I am also by no means an example of a business man who is wealthy because of his business. So why would you look to me as an example?

Well, I am alive and struggling with my health conditons daily, even as I run a business that I did start (and re-started three times) and grew from nothing into something. Where other businesses have great income and wealth as a sign of their success, I have a name, loyal customers and friends that others could only wish for as my sign of success-plus I'm not done yet!

My business isn't anywhere near where I want it to be-and where I will take it. My business dosen't publish all the e-books I have idea's and research on. I look to these thing as a great platform to build upon and to take it where I want it to be before I get my ticket out of here. As an disbled person I struggle with all the same things that you do. Including the personal and embarrassing ones as well!

What I am suggesting to you to do is to watch me fom a distance and see where I am going and how I am planning to get there. When you are having a bad afternoon after a terrible morning, remember me and check in on me and see what I am doing. When you are Googleing something, take an extra moment and also Google me and my business and see how it is growing and raising in the ranks. When you talk to your friends and they tell you about a great book they are reading ask who is the publisher, is it my or another?

Why do this in the first place? Who cares! My story like yours is still ongoing and unsure of the future. Most times stories begin to get so cliche and predictable we get bored and throw it aside. Your story and my story is still being written-and we get to make the story the way we want it to be! So watch me and then when those who care about you and who are trying to be kind when they say, 'you can't anymore', smile and then say to yourself, Yes I can-just watch me! I've been watching Roy and OLIN and he's still saying yes he can-so will I! Until I give up (that won't ever happen) don't you give up on whats important to you! We will draw strength and inspiration from each other!

Who knows where this will take us. The exciting thing is that we get to write the lines and craft the scenes just the way they are supposed to be-our way! So go ahead and watch me and if you come up with a suggestion for me, please tell me. Because God is on our side and He wants the best for us, we all will get where we want to and where we are suppose to. So thanks for watching-and yes, I can-just watch me!

Roy Twogood Jr. Managing Director
OLIN e-Publishing Company
& OLINeBooks

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Re: Introduction/Information

Postby Georgina77 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:07 pm

You have lived a very extraordinary life and i am sorry to hear about your brother, he has gone to a better place and i wish him well in his paradise. You are very inspiring and hope there are many people like you out there with the willingness to fight and show everyone what you have. Its fantastic to hear about your business and i wish you become really successfull so you can inspire more disabled users and spread the message of hope and that anyone can do it- when they can!

We all live with a daily struggle and its great that communities like this help us get together and share information with each other whilst supporting us and helping us get by.

Keep us updated on your situation and i hope to see you around in the forums as you have an interesting story, and i really appreciate you sharing this with us.

Thank you for sharing your story Roy

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Re: Introduction/Information

Postby Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:33 pm

We really appreciate you Roy, by sharing your story and giving the AbleSea community an insight into your life and what you have gone through. It's unfortunate to hear about your brother and my condolences goes to you and your family, it must be a hard time for you and i hope you get through it. The AbleSea community are here to offer you our help and support to you at this difficult time.

We always get people telling us that "you can't do this and that", even if they dont mean any harm by it. But it is important for us to fight back and tell ourselves that we can! cause there will be many obstacles in life and no ones perfect. We are born all the same, but have different cards delt to us, it is how we play those cards that makes us who we are. And other people cannot change us- they try to, but it is important to know that getting through obstacle after obstacle makes us much stronger and we can take on anything!

I am really glad you told your story Roy, it will certainly inspire our members weather it be through business or their own personal interests. I hope your business does well and the best of luck to you, as you truly deserve all the success that will come to you. Keep on doing what you love, and keep us informed on whats happening on your life, no matter how small it is.

Thank You

The AbleSea Team
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